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The definition of “Clean” is subjective, usually left to visual interpretation. If a surface looks clean, it’s assumed to be clean. In a clinical setting, especially operating rooms which are held to higher standards of sterility, this simply is not acceptable.

Unfortunately the human eye cannot detect harmful microorganisms and other contaminants. With the technology of ATP Monitoring, we are able to validate cleaning efficacy with documented, science-based results assuring your patients of a safe and clean environment.

ATP Monitoring is based on the measurement of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a substance found in all living cells. Skin, bodily fluids and microbes all contain ATP. After cleaning is performed, the amount of ATP that remains on contact surfaces is a direct indication of how clean the surface is. Swabbing and testing a surface with an ATP meter can prove microbial contamination removal. The lower the ATP count, the cleaner or more sanitized the surface.

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