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Providing high quality Environmental Services to the healthcare industry.

We live in a time of unprecedented medical advancements in healthcare. A revolution is at hand. Advancements in technology have improved procedures providing healthcare workers access to superior devices and more effective treatment methods. Ironically, an industry that prides itself on cutting-edge technology still relies on generic janitorial cleaning techniques to perform one of the most important aspects of patient safety, infection control.

About Meddi-Clean

Meddi-Clean was founded for the singular purpose of providing high quality Environmental Services to the healthcare industry. We are an organization of certified professionals trained in medical and surgical aseptic protocol utilizing the latest scientifically-validated sterile cleaning techniques.

100% Healthcare Focused

Regardless of the size of your healthcare facility, one thing is certain, the level of cleanliness required is much greater than that of a traditional, non-medical facility. Meddi-Clean only cleans healthcare facilities. 100% of our focus and resources are dedicated to providing a safe, infection-free environment for your patients and staff.

Patient Safety

Healthcare associated infections are a serious problem affecting millions of patients annually. Patient safety is paramount in any clinical setting. Preventing infection is the primary goal of every healthcare professional. From a practitioner’s office to an acute care center, patients treated at your facility are entrusting their safety and well being to you and your staff. A clean and sanitary environment will help to ease patient anxiety, strengthen the confidence of your staff and greatly reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Proper Cleaning

Infection outbreak cause great disruption in the day-to-day operation of your facility, result in state and federal regulatory violations, and compromise the integrity of your practice. Fortunately a majority of surface-contact transmitted infections are preventable through proper infection-control procedures. At Meddi-Clean we incorporate the latest advancements in technology, training, and science–based cleaning techniques to provide uncompromised service to our clients.

We utilize the finest cleaning products & equipment available, such as:

  • Microfiber mops & hand cloths for superior pickup
  • Dual zone mop buckets to prevent cross contamination
  • Multi-filtration vacuums that capture 90% of dust mites, viruses, bacteria, etc.
  • ATP Metering System

Quality Control

To measure our performance, our management team performs detailed, top-to-bottom monthly Infection Control inspections of your healthcare facility. Our inspection template mirrors the assigned cleaning tasks of your facility.

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